Wrinkles Causes,Symptoms and Best Wrinkles Treatments

Understand Wrinkles By Studying Their Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Wrinkles

What are Wrinkles?
Signs and Symptoms
Treatments for Wrinkles

What are wrinkles
What are Wrinkles? No woman wants to see those creases on her countenance that make it look saggy and tired but then, there are ways to fix them without intensifying them. Crumpled skin can affect any woman at any age, especially if the individual is suffering from skin problems that could be treated to get rid of these creases forever. Besides, you would not want to end up looking like the Queen in Snow White when she turns into an old woman at a really young age.

You can do many things to avoid or decrease the intensity of occurrence of those fine lines and creases on your countenance but it is imperative to understand what has actually caused Wrinkles to occur. There is nothing like applying a few creams or lotions on them but it is not really as easy as that. Treating that crumpled skin can be done using a few complicated methods after which you would need to avoid following a certain lifestyle to prevent them from recurring.

What are the Causes of Wrinkles ?

wrinkles causes

Smoking – If you have been thinking that you could smoke away those worries, here is something you should know. Your worries may get killed but smoking actually gives birth to premature wrinkling.

Exposure to UV Rays – Every woman would like to put some warm rays of the sun on her face and this can actually result increases on Wrinkles.

Sleeping for too long – Though this may sound weird, it is one of the primary causes of premature wrinkling of the face.

The Overconsumption of Alcohol – You may not realize this but drinking too much alcohol can result in a wrinkled countenance and quickly.

Facial Expressions – Watch those facial expressions if you want to reduce your wrinkles or remove them for good!

Chemical Exposure – Those cosmetic products you are using to improve your looks can actually damage them. This is due to the presence of harsh chemicals in them. You do not want to pollute your physiognomy yourself and be the cause of those horrible creases that have appeared on it.

Wrinkles Signs and Symptoms

Every individual on this planet keeps looking for some kind of sign that they still have some hopes left. Even in case of creases appearing prematurely, people need to look for signs and symptoms of Wrinkles. Here are a few of them.
1. Age spots.
2. Spider veins on the face
3. Dehydrated skin on your countenance
4. Reddish patches all over your physiognomy
5. Leathery or sagging skin
6. Fine creases on the countenance
7. A complexion that looks blotchy
8. Crow’s feet near the eyes

wrinkles symptoms

These are just some of the symptoms and signs of the appearance of this condition at an early age. However, there are many more that you would need to observe carefully as to whether you see any other changes to your physiognomy. Thankfully, there are many wrinkles treatments that can permanently erase these early signs of ageing. By the way, did you know that premature ageing of the skin or an unusual indentation on it could also be a symptom of breast cancer? Therefore, it would be better to get it treated on time based on what you have observed about yourself.

Treatments of Wrinkles

Medications :

Topical Retinoids – Applying some topical retinoids on the areas that are wrinkled is one of the best wrinkles treatments. However, as you must already know, administering too much of anything is not good. If your skin specialist asks you to stop using them at a certain point, you would need to do so.

Non – Prescription Wrinkle Creams – If you have no prescription on you, it should not be a problem for you. You can always get over-the-counter creams that will help. Besides, these are some other excellent wrinkles treatments that will not disappoint you when you try to use them to combat your condition but just take care to go by what your skin specialist advises you.

Wrinkles Treatments

Surgical Procedures and Other Techniques :

Carbon-dioxide Laser Treatment – Also known as laser resurfacing, it is a non-invasive, non-surgical method of treating your crumpled countenance. It is used to remove those top layers of your skin by exposing them to laser beams.

Non-ablative Laser Treatment – Unlike the other treatments for premature ageing, this one promotes the regrowth of collagen, which is good for the skin. This is one treatment for wrinkles that avoids injuring the surface of the skin even though laser beams are used in this treatment type.

Laser, Light Source and Radio Frequency Treatments – If you want to improve the texture of the skin on your face, then expect these treatments to tighten your skin. In fact, the radio frequency wrinkles treatment is both soothing as well as effective in treating your crumpled countenance.

Chemical Peel – Many of the signs of ageing can be reduce through this wrinkles treatment. A solution made of chemicals is applied to the skin so that the creases will simply come out and fall off.

Microdermabrasion – Do not like those chemical filled sprays and creams? Try out microdermabrasion, which neither uses neither chemicals nor any invasive procedures. However, your skin condition should not be a major one in case you want to go for this treatment procedure.

Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) – Several celebrities go for Botox but it is not only used for treating those creases on your physiognomy but also for treating many other conditions. It is nothing but another kind of protein that is generated by a certain type of bacteria and administered in the form of injections to treat wrinkles.

Soft Tissue Fillers – These are nothing but injections that contain a form of an acid called the hyaluronic acid. However, this will not harm the skin unlike the other acids. Now, you can get rid of those crumples on the countenance with these soft-tissue fillers.

Skin Tightening – Skin tightening is a treatment form for getting rid of those creases on your face by tightening the skin through creams or the use of skin-tightening agents. Ask your specialist for the right products to be used in your case for treatment of wrinkles.

Face-Lift – If you do not want any side effects while treating those crumples on your physiognomy, you can try out a face-lift. It will reduce the sagging but not completely eliminate them.

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