Waxing And Threading Are A Thing Of The Past, Switch To A Fuss Free Way Of Hair Removal

Regular visits to the parlour, recurring beauty expenses and the unbearable pain are reasons enough to switch to a fuss free way of removing unwanted hair. If you have sensitive skin, then chances are you have after effects that include redness and skin irritation each time you visit the nearby salon.

We understand that going for permanent hair removal might feel overwhelming at first but when you understand the process and the benefits, there is no turning back.

So what is permanent hair removal?

Low energy laser beams are passed through the skin and when the beams reach the hair shaft the energy is absorbed by the hair follicles thereby hindering hair growth. This laser light restricts the hair growth. All this happens with no harm or pain caused to the body. There is also no need to use an anaesthesia!

The only preparation required is for you to clean the desired areas of hair removal and pat them dry right before the sitting.

What all body parts can this treatment be used for?

The answers – any part of your body can be treated for hair removal. Most people get it done to their underarms, bikini areas, cheeks, legs and upper lip.

At La Belle clinics, we customise the hair removal process for you. We take into account the hair growth, hair condition and skin to decide on the number of sittings.

Here’s a list of top 3 benefits that arise from permanent hair removal:

It is absolutely pain free: Some people experience a redness or numbness for a few minutes after the treatment but there is nothing harmful about laser remedy. The light does not affect the hair follicles and you won’t even realise it.

You can plan out the procedure: The process is divided into single sittings where step by step unwanted hair is removed from the desired areas. You can test it on a small area or part of your body to experience this stress free phenomenon.

One time investment for the rest of your life: One might compare the costs of temporary hair removal to permanent hair removal and feel like the latter is expensive. However, men and women tend to neglect the number of times they have to incur the cost of temporary hair removal and the inconvenience caused by the same. Therefore, it is always better to opt for this one time investment laser treatment and be stress free for the rest of your life.

Even better, wear what you want and do what you feel like! At La Belle, we guarantee long lived results and this is applicable for both men and women.

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