The Troublesome Thirties

What troubles the not-so-young mind and health of a thirty plus year old

When we’re past the prime of our youth, we know things aren’t the same. Those jeans don’t fit as well, the eyes are not as bright and our hair is beginning to lose its lustre. And those worry lines, of which we can only see traces now, start becoming more prominent. Welcome to the thirties!

The Pound Guzzler

Of all the problems you could possibly face in life, this is by far the worst. It hits you when you’re in your late twenties when your body’s metabolism rate begins to slow down. This means no more unlimited pizza with nothing to worry about. Your body tends to consume fewer calories once you cross 30 and the result is bigger waistline, pudgier thighs and a rotund face. This is especially true in case of men who reach their maximum weight between the ages of 34 and 54.


Reverse your damages:

The long-term solution to this problem lies in building up control and restraint- over your dietary activities mainly. Urban men need about 2000 calories and women about 1600 calories on a daily basis. Additionally, do some moderate exercise at least, four days a week. This will ensure that you burn the excessive calories and also stay active and agile.


Mirror, mirror- is that a wrinkle?

Most women would relate to this problem. Wrinkles and lines begin to show themselves around mid-thirties. As we grow older, our skin tends to become less elastic and more fragile. The collagen in our skin- which sort of binds it together- begins to break, and our skin does not produce as much natural oil as it used to, making it drier.

However, there are many other contributors to the appearance of wrinkles, some of them being a part of our lifestyles. Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress and increased exposure to the sun’s UV rays are also very big factors causing wrinkles in men and women.


Can you change your fortune?

Taking good care of your skin is the foremost step you must take in this regard. Studies have shown that drinking lots of water can defer the ageing of your skin by a few years. Not just that, a diet predominated by fresh fruits and vegetables is also known to be helpful. This is because these contain antioxidants which are very beneficial to the tissues of your skin and keep them healthy.

Get a good amount of sleep and avoid going out in the sun. If you must, use a good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Trade your coffee breaks for either fresh juice or for cocoa- it helps your skin look smoother and younger because it contains high levels of dietary flavonoids which help in protecting your skin from sun damage, improve circulation to skin cells and also positively affect your hydration.


Some shades of grey

While some believe greying hair to be a sign of wisdom and worldliness, it also means you’re getting older. Not all thirty plus year olds experience this problem, but there are some who do.


Greying and premature greying

Our hair follicles consist of a pigment called melanin which provides color to our hair. The same pigment also determines the color our skin. When our body doesn’t produce melanin anymore, the hair becomes colorless. The presence of black and white hair, gives off the ‘grey hair’ look.

Typically, greying starts only in the forties. However, times have changed and people even in their twenties are complaining of silver locks. A poor diet and stress, apart from genetic predispositions have been found to be the top causes. One must include enough B vitamins, iron, copper, and iodine in their daily diet to let healthy hair growth happen.

To hide your grey hair, you could try using hair colors which are ammonia-free. Some people also advice application of henna, which not only acts as a natural color but also makes the hair smooth and keeps your scalp cool.

Putting up with wrong mass

Once we cross thirty, our muscle mass tends to drop. For every day spent without building those muscles, you can lose five percent of your muscle mass.

Most health experts recommend a variety of cardiovascular activities for people in their thirties. But you must supplement that with a good session of strength training at least thrice a week. Your muscles need to regenerate themselves and when you lift weights, they tear a little and then build up again.


Hair that just won’t stop falling

Hair fall isn’t a problem restricted just to older adults. People as young as 25 are experiencing serious hair loss and are already consulting trichologists on the same.

Word of advice- start taking care before the problem gets out of hand. Hair fall is inevitable but hair loss is when you need to become cautious. Your hair is unable to regrow as fast as it is falling and starts to thin. Eat well to avoid this. A diet consisting of fruits and vegetables and fish is considered to be the best for healthy and shiny hair. Specific veggies like spinach, broccoli, curry leaves and local fruits like gooseberry are very rich sources of Vitamin C, protein and folic acid, all of which are needed for a lustrous mane.


Fighting age is not possible but we have solutions to fight ageing.

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