How to Lose Weight by Drinking Lemon Juice | Does it really Reduce Weight?


Most of us in a busy scheduled daily life forget the most important thing to efficiently take care of our body. Obesity is the most common problem in today’s globalized world, and once people start gaining balanced weight, they distanced themselves from a healthier and prospective life. Junk food and inappropriate diet schedule are the most prominent reason for weight gain, people now a day’s eagerly wants a sure shot experiment to know how to lose weight. Lemon juice is a great ingredient for weight loss that’s why experts tag them both as lemon juice weight loss.

Lemon Juice role for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is not an overnight miracle as it needs dedication and well-disciplined plan to move towards a healthier being, lemon juice contains all vital elements that benefit weight loss. Vitamin C rich Lemon Water contains pulp that contains the abundant amount of pectin, adding lemon juice drops in hot water as an option of beverage before going for dining will surely benefit you to eat less as pectin present in lemon juice helps to kill appetite and let you go for a properly needed diet.

The pectin added in Vitamin C not just help in reducing hunger cramps as trying coffee or tea for the same issue as coffee and tea are rich in calories. Without eating also, intake of beverages like tea and coffee only increases calories beside that lemon juice has zero calories and numbs appetite to eat hand in hand.

Warm water grouping with lemon juice gives you double benefits for weight loss, the most important feature of hot water is that it maintains your hydration level; drinking 16 ounces of water a day multiplies energy exhaustion up to 24 percent within just 60 minutes.

A Journal researched well for Nutrition and Health in 2007 experimented body of 118 men and women found shockingly that overweight people lack the presence of equilibrium Vitamin C in the body and lacking the vitamin results in them gaining more than required body weight. Lemon juice a great oxidant helps the body to work on metabolism needed for better digestion. The researchers also find that people with an adequate presence of Vitamin C in their Blood lose fatter during exercise than people lacking the basic requirement.

Lemon Juice best works with Warm Water and Added Honey for Weight Loss

For a better and composite result towards your aim of losing weight adding lemon drops in combination with honey in warm water will surely act as a miracle as three elements are natural ingredients without any side effects. The natural therapy will only add more benefits to your skin and body as it increases metabolism and oxidants present will help in reducing calories, other food items and drinks usually increase calories intake only Lemon juice in warm water neutralizes calories and helps to lose weight.

How to make lemon juice to Reduce Weight?

The following are the ingredients used to make lemon juice for weight loss

  • Squeezed lemon juice
  • 12 cups of water
  • One cup honey
  • Few Ice cubes
  • 12 mint leaves

A point you need to make sure of is that while making lemon juice using honey and lemons, you should never let the mixture reach boiling point. It should always be lukewarm. Bring the mixture to the appropriate temperature. Add all the above-mentioned ingredients one by one and stir it well.

After that just put the bowl of mixtures in the fridge for a few hours. You can later strain it the liquid out and have it with your meals and a few dishes.

Lemon Juice helps in boosting Immune System

Vitamin C helps as a great remedy to fight virus and bacteria, fueling immune system lemon juice helps to secure body against most common disease nowadays cold. An ascorbic acid present in Vitamin C injects anti-inflammatory effects for our body and act as the boon for the asthma patients and other respiratory related issues.

Other uses of Lemon Water beside weight loss remedies

  • Doctors recommended intake of lemon juice to prevent diseases like cold, chest infection and dry coughs as the presence of Vitamin C in lemon increases its respiratory diseases fighting ability. Intake of citrous lemon juice every day will never let you down with lungs infection and asthma problem.
  • People use lemon as a cleanser, and skin expert defines lemon as best available natural skin cleanser and toner, rinsing it over skin mixing it along with fuller’s earth will surely help you to fight well against skin related problems ranging as blemish and wrinkles. Vitamin C also adds more glows and moisturizers to the skin as intake of lemon juice helps to fight against dry and harsh winter skin
  • Blood Pressure is a common problem in people aged between 30-55 lemon water helps to maintain required blood pressure, potassium particles present in lemon juice helps to prevent disease related to brain and nerves system.
  • Lemon juice added to drinks while suffering diarrhea and constipation helps to cleanse undigested waste materials also added lemon juice for patient suffering diarrhea helps patients to regain energy and enhances declined glucose level.

NOTE: Adding Sugar to Lemon drink may result in good taste, but it will hamper your possession towards weight loss, Lemon detox for weight loss only helps with honey as it is another natural ingredients.

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