Important Facts and Myths about Acne Scars

Myths and Facts about Acne Scars

Myths and Facts that you must know about Acne Scars

Acne is one skin problem that affects thousands of people. It happens because of the skin condition and teenagers are more prone to acne than anyone else. The hair follicles of your face get clogged due to excess oil and dead skin cells and dirt. These result in blocking the pores that connect to the oil glands. The sebum that is produced enhances the situation and you get acne. After a certain period of time when the acne disappears, it leaves behind a mark or scar that takes a considerable amount of time to go. There is numerous acne scars treatment available including home remedies. It takes some time to deliver the results, but you will end up removing all the acne scarring once and for all.

Who can get acne?
Anyone and everyone can get acne. Since it takes place because of the skin condition, there is no particular age as such. But, since there is a certain hormonal change during the teenage period, youngsters are more affected with acne than other people. In fact, a statistical record shows that almost 80% of people who have are in between the age of 11 to 30.

Factors that trigger acne
There are various reasons for which your acne can get aggravated and as a result may leave a bigger scar. Here are some of the factors that trigger acne:

  • Changing hormone levels
  • Pollution and humidity
  • Squeezing pimples
  • Scrubbing the skin

Surprising facts about acne scars

Different people have different theories about acne scarring. But, when it comes to the actual facts about acne scars, many people are still not sure as to what they should do and how they should tackle with these acne scarring. Following are few facts about acne scars that will help:

  • Acne lesions can result in scars no matter what you do. You may have come across various myths and facts about acne scarring where you have learnt that if you do not touch the lesions, you will not get any scar. This is not the case.
  • Scars that you get from acne are actually the healing stage.
  • You should always get the acne treated before trying to remove the acne scars.

Myths about acne

Just like there are interesting facts about acne scarring, there are some myths and facts as well. Given below are some of the most common misconceptions and myths about acne scars:

  • Popping pimples remove blemishes – If you think that squeezing of pimples will let the pus out and the pain will go away, you are living in a fool’s world. This will in turn aggravate the situation and the irritation will increase rather than become gentle. So, try to avoid popping your pimples.
  • Acne is contagious – One of the biggest myths about acne, people are not at all sure about how they should get rid of them. Moreover, when they see other people with acne, they think that staying near them would also get them acne. This is wrong. It happens due to a skin condition and it does not spread by touch. Amongst all the myths and facts about acne, this one is something that needs to be addressed by people as soon as possible.
  • Dirt is the main ingredient to acne – Another common misconception of people acne does not happen because of dirt and dust. If you read the myths and facts you will find that acne can affect people of any skin type. The dirt adds to the acne, but is not completely responsible for it.

It is high time that people become knowledgeable deal with it properly instead of paying attention to the myths.

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