How to use Sesame Oil to get rid of Acne

Sesame Oil for Acne

Sesame Oil for Acne

When the oil glands of the skin get affected due to puberty or other reasons, it results in spots on the face. Since almost everyone gets it, this skin condition is also known around the world as “common acne.” However, you may find that it occurs more commonly in men than in women. Acne is not the same as a simple pimple outburst but more than that since it can easily affect anyone emotionally due to the way you begin to look. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to treat this skin condition.

About Sesame Oil

Sesame seed oil is also popularly known as the “queen of oils” and rightly so. The many sesame oil benefits have even resulted in people using it for cooking and other domestic purposes. In fact, you would also find yourself stocking up on this important condiment that has changed many lives for the better. One of the benefits of using sesame oil is to treat acne and many other skin problems. However, there are certain tried and tested ways of using it to treat the skin even though it is said to be quite easy to treat it.

How to apply Sesame Oil on Skin for Acne

Have you reached the end of your summer break and end up finding that your face is full of acne? The topical application of sesame oil is the best way to get rid of acne. The reason behind this is that while the other remedies can result in the peeling of your skin or damage it, this remedy only helps you get rid of acne and many other skin problems. This ancient remedy from Assyria needs to be applied on the skin by following a specific method routinely.

  • Wash your face before you can begin this routine
  • Use a mild natural cleanser in order to do this
  • Take two to three drops of sesame oil in the palm of your hands and dab them on the face
  • Let the oil drops remain on the skin for at least half an hour
  • Wash your face once again using the cleanser you used earlier
  • Dry your face with a clean towel

Take these Precautions before Applying Sesame Oil

While this natural acne treatment method is known to be highly effective, there are certain precautions you need to take while following it, some of which are:

  • Do not overuse the oil. In other words, you should not apply more than two or three drops of sesame oil on the skin on an everyday basis.
  • Always apply some coconut oil, which will nullify the possible side effects of the overuse of sesame oil.
  • It is necessary to wash the face before and after trying out these home remedies for acne.
  • Follow a strict diet regimen so that acne will not recur on the face.
  • Exercising can also help prevent acne now and in the future.
  • Drinking plenty of water will protect your skin all the time from acne.
  • Avoid eating cooked grains or even grain rich foods.
  • Do not eat tablets for treating conditions such as acne. They only worsen the situation.
  • Make sure you get rid of the bad bacteria on your skin by keeping it clean all the time.
  • Get enough sleep. Even sleeping can relax your skin and help treat this skin condition.
  • Try oil pulling with sesame oil. Even that is known to help people get rid of skin conditions such as acne.
  • Avoid eating oily or junk foods to prevent the outburst of pimples or acne.
  • Do not try out different skin creams just to get a quick fix to this skin problem.
  • If you are taking certain prescription medications or other surgical acne treatments, do not go for this treatment method at all since it could have side effects on you.

The sesame oil home remedy will be effective only if you take the necessary precautions to prevent acne from recurring.

Sesame Oil Benefits

The uses of sesame oil for acne have been little known in several parts of the world. However, here are a few benefits of using sesame oil for healing acne and the other skin conditions:

  • Safe treatment of Acne – Sesame oil therapy can treat your skin more effectively than artificial supplements or medications for acne.
  • A Skin Relaxant – The topical application of sesame oil will relax your skin and protect it from pimples and other skin conditions. Besides, what better method to treat acne than a relaxing one? In fact, you could end up enjoying more freedom from this skin problem both through the relaxation of the skin as well as the resultant relaxation of the mind.
  • More effective than Creams – While skin creams only contribute to the problem of acne further, using sesame oil for skin conditions such as acne will help prevent the same.
  • Freedom from painful Pimples – Of course, acne is more than just the outburst of pimples but it can also be painful. Once you use this ancient remedy to treat acne, you can get freedom from painful pimples.
  • Natural Sunscreen – Did you know that acne is also a result of overexposure of the skin to the rays of the sun? Applying sesame oil will protect your skin and thus prevent acne.
  • Retains your Skin’s Moisture – When the moisture in the skin is retained, it will not allow the acne to spread.
  • Gives a smooth Complexion – When the complexion becomes smooth, it will not give way for pimples or any other skin conditions such as acne.
  • Detoxifies the Skin – There is nothing more important than detoxifying the skin to treat acne more quickly and effectively.

You would be able to enjoy the benefits of using sesame oil only if you take the necessary steps towards the recurrence of skin conditions such as acne. However, if you continue an unhealthy lifestyle, the skin conditions will continue to plague you and you might never realise that everything was a result of your indifference towards them.

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