Get Quick Facts And Myths About Acne

Important Facts And Misconceptions About Acne

Worried about all those red bumps on your face and skin? They are nothing, but acne and it can happen to anyone and everyone. It is a very common skin problem and there are no known ways to prevent this from happening. People who have an oily skin are more prone to acne than others. This is because of the over secretion of oil from the oil glands. It can happen due to various reasons such as hormonal changes, type of the skin and the daily habits of a person. Before you jump into any conclusion, it is better to know some facts on acne that will help you understand the whole thing better.

About Acne Facts and Myths

Amazing Facts about Acne

It is always good to know some facts about the thing that has been irritating you a lot. Here are some interesting facts about acne that you should keep in mind:

Acne Fact #1 : Diet is important

Diet is one of the crucial factors that play a part in the formation of acne. Food that is too oily or spicy should be totally avoided. It will also be wise to avoid dairy products or high GI food.

Acne Fact #2 : No acne on your Feet

Amongst all the acne facts, this one is really something that will make you go whoa! If you have had acne before, you must have noticed that they are limited to your forehead, chin and nose. You will never get acne on your feet. This is because the face has more sebaceous glands than the feet.

Acne Fact #3 : Specific age limit

Although it is said that acne can happen at any age, but doctors are of the opinion that that more than 85% people have acne when they are within the age of 11 to 30. This is the time period when the hormones change and the chances of acne is more.

Acne Fact #4 : Women are more prone to Acne

Hormonal changes in women are more than men. Their monthly periods are one of the reasons why they have frequent acne problems. The hormone fluctuations add to the secretion of the sebaceous gland and they both trigger acne.

Debunking Myths About Acne

Parents and relatives always come up with some sort of bizarre acne myths and facts and you do not even care to know if they are true or not. Of course, the myths are not dangerous, but you should at least know what you are doing. Follow are some of the acne myths and facts that you need to know:

Acne Myth #1 : No eating Chocolate

There is no hard and fast rule that you will not be able to eat chocolates when you have acne. If you read the facts about acne, you will understand that it is because of the dairy ingredients why chocolate is not preferred when someone has acne. There is nothing wrong with the cocoa or dark chocolate.

Acne Myth #2 : Only Teenagers get Acne

This is a complete misconception and no one really tries to correct the person who believes this misconception. Since most of the hormonal changes take place when a person moves from being a child to being an adolescent, this is the time when acne attacks are more. But, there have been reports that people have had acne when they are 49 years old. So, if you think that as soon as you cross the teenage period, your acne problems will disappear, then you are wrong.

There is nothing you can do to prevent acne. Even doctors have not posted any acne facts that will help to prevent them. All you can do is treat them after they have appeared.

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