How to Drink Green Tea to Lose Weight | Green Tea for Weight Loss


In order to have the rightful usage it is important that you know about the history and the source of the green tea. The tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. The leaves which have not gone through withering and oxidation are collected for the reason of healthy tea consumption. The green tea originates in China and the same is brightly produced and traced in several parts of Asia. These are advantages to be best explored for the perfect procurement and usage of the solution.

The strength of the tea depends on the variety of the tea plant and also depends on the conditions of growth and the process of horticulture. One can even admire the production process of the tea and you also have to take into account the timer of harvesting. These are factors which affect the quality of the green tea variety and help you enjoy the best flavor of the product. The tradition of tea started in China 4000 years back. This is the most traditional plant in the part of the world. Green tea was initially brewed at the time of 2737 BC. This took place in the region of Emperor Shennong.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is one among those top foods for weight loss that has natural compound to help you shred that extra amount of weight. Green tea for weight loss is a proven idea. Green tea is the healthiest beverage you can find on earth. It is not just hot flavored water. The leaves of the tree have the bioactiove compounds that can easily get dissolve in the water. The tea is loaded with several antioxidants and for the reason it can help in the successful burning of fat. The antioxidants in green tea are known as catechins.

Green tea is considered to be one of the popular weight loss supplements and this can act in the successful weight reduction in humans. The tea has the content of EGCG. This is a substance to cause proper boosting of the rate of metabolism and it is popularly known as epigallocatechingallate. When you drink green tea you can easily enjoy the weight loss benefits and the effect is similar when you take green tea extract in the form of weight loss supplement. In most of the research the extract is being used for judging the potentially of the substance in matters of weight loss.

This is one of the weight loss drinks that can really cause the difference in appearance. At the time when you are exercising, the tea extract starts working within the human mechanism system and helps in the proper burning of fat. In the market you can buy the best green tea for weight loss and enjoy the benefits of the herbal compound.

How to make Green Tea for Weight Reduction?

The process of making tea is not time consuming. To prepare the tea you need certain ingredients. The list includes things like honey, lemon, kettle, spoon, strainer, cup, green tea leaves, Spring or Pure water. You can specially purchase the utensils required for the tea preparation. You should not make use of just any cup or spoon. The natural compound helps you lose weight with lots of advantages. To make the tea you should not make use of the microwave. This can spoil the taste of the beverage.

You should keep the kettle on the heat for some minutes and then it is time to take it off. You should keep the kettle on heat for 30 to 60 seconds. It is important that you follow the step or else the tea might taste bitter. It is enough for the tea to be just warm. Then it is time to add one teaspoon of green tea to the hot water of the teapot. The strong taste of the tea will make you feel so refreshed.

Side Effects of Green Tea

This is the best time to have green tea for slimming but you should be aware of the side effects. Not more than two cups of green tea should be consumed in a day. Over drinking of the tea can cause insomnia, nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea and frequent urination. So make sure that you have the solution in the minimum quantity.

Green tea can cause risk during pregnancy and possibility of miscarriage. At the time of pregnancy it is best to avoid the consumption of green tea. In case of the lactating woman the caffeine in the green tea can pass into the milk and pose danger for the infant. Green tea is the sort of miraculous herb, but the effect of the same is so overpowering that it can cause interference in other medication. Therefore, it is best to consult a physician before usage.

Best Brands of Green Tea

You have the best green tea brands in India. These are popular brands of the solution to help you have the successful weight loss effects. Some of the green tea brands are Organic India, 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea, Basilur, Typhoo, Golden Tips, Twinings, Happy Valley, Lipton, Tetley and LaPlant with different strength levels. You can try out the different samples of the green tea and the flavor of the drink is just wonderful. You need to administer the intake frequency to enjoy the best effect of the beverage.

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