Busting Facts and Myths about Hair Loss

The Facts And Myths You Should Know About Hair Loss

No matter how many lotions and remedies people try out, they end up feeling disappointed since they never usually work. To add salt to the injury, there are both truths as well as lies floating around about on this matter but nothing can solve the problem of hair fall more than understanding what these rumours going around are and what the truths actually are so that you can get your condition treated.

hair loss myths and facts

Facts about hair loss

The facts about hair loss can not only make you wary of what needs to be done but also awaken to the wrong beliefs on the same. Here are some that will shake your world but also give you the necessary information to combat this condition.

Fact No#1

Age really matters – If you did not realise this, then losing hair mostly always depends on your age. You could find your hair thinning when you reach a certain age all of a sudden.

Fact No#2

Genetics are responsible – In most cases, you will find that one of the most interesting reasons behind hair loss is your family’s genetics. If someone in your family was bald, you could end up losing lots of hair from your scalp

Fact No#3

Hair transplant can’t be spotted – Did you know that if you get one of the hair transplants, it cannot be spotted easily by a vast majority of people? However, you can definitely do something to stop your hair from falling further by using the facts about hair fall to your advantage.

Fact No#4

Hair loss is Men’s #1 concern – One of the facts about hair loss that will stun you is that 9 out of every ten men have baldness as their primary concern.

Myths about hair loss

You have been acquainted with the facts about hair fall. Now, you need to know the myths about hair loss so that you can start listening to the truths and avoid the myths.

Myth No#1

There are no hair-loss treatments – The popular beliefs or myths about hair fall include the rumours that there is absolutely no form of therapy to help restore lost hair. Actually, there are many good ones out there. You just have to identify the diamond in the rough.

Myth No#2

Balding is due to exposure to the sun – There is no need to go that far! However, if you go out in the sun for way too long, the ultraviolet rays are most certainly likely to damage your tresses!

Myth No#3

Hair treatments can make you bald – Now, there is no need to worry as to whether perming, re-bonding or even smoothening your hair will make you lose your precious tresses. The truth is that you can always treat yourself to all those hair treatments without losing a single hair on your head.

Myth No#4

Only males go bald – It is not only the male that goes bald but it is also the female counterpart of the human male that could go bald.

If you being to notice a certain pattern in your hair loss, it is time to take a look at more myths about hair loss that would tell you the truth! In fact, help is not far away. The options to fight against severe or excessive hair fall are many. However, only a few of them to help you reduce the severity of your hair loss are truly the best. If you are not sure what is right for you, do your own research on some of the best hair loss treatment centres across the country and the world and pamper yourself to some good hair loss treatment before it is too late.

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