Top 8 Natural Home Remedies For Wrinkle Treatment

8 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

As you start aging, you will see that your skin is having ridges or folds or creases. These, in other words are known as wrinkles. Although, wrinkling of the skin takes place when you start growing old, but sometimes, this problem can start when you are young. Whatever it is, wrinkles are inevitable and it is important to take care of your skin to combat the premature wrinkles.

Wrinkles Treatment

Causes of Wrinkles :

Wrinkles can take place due to various reasons. Here are few of those to give you an idea:
• Smoking – Smoking has a number of side effects and wrinkling of the skin is one of them. If you really want to reduce wrinkles, start to quit smoking as soon as possible.
• UV rays – When your skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time, you will notice that the skin has got creases in several areas. If this happens every day, you may become a victim of premature skin wrinkling.
• Junk food – Foods that are deep fried or not made with the best ingredients are very harmful for the body. They can lead to wrinkles under eyes, on your hand and various other places.

Different Procedures and Natural Treatments

Just like there are so many causes of wrinkles, there are several home remedies for wrinkles as well. Given below are the best tips for anti wrinkle treatment:

1. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

– Massaging the skin regularly with olive oil can be an excellent wrinkle treatment. A few drops of olive oil will be more than enough to keep your skin supple and moisturized for a long time.

2. Ginger


– Previously, the Chinese used ginger for anti wrinkle treatment and now almost everyone follows this trick. Mix a tablespoon of honey with grated ginger and eta this every morning. Good results are bound to follow.

3. Banana Mask

Banana Mask

– These have a high mineral, antioxidant and vitamin content and are considered one of the best home remedies for wrinkles. Take a couple of ripe bananas and mash them to form a thick paste. If you have wrinkles under eyes, apply this mask on that area and on all the other areas where the wrinkles have occurred.

4. Egg White Mask

Egg White Mask

– For wrinkle treatment, egg white mask is like a quick fix. Along with egg white, you should take a spoonful of almond oil and mix both of them thoroughly. Apply the mixture on the affected areas and relax for half an hour before washing with lukewarm water. This is one of the easiest home remedies for wrinkles.

5. Almonds


– Eating almonds daily and using almond oil on your skin can be great for wrinkles treatment. Just like you applied olive oil, you need to apply the almond oil in the same way. It will help get rid of the wrinkles under eyes very quickly.

6. Carrots


– These are known to have a high percentage of Vitamins A. They help in keeping the skin smooth and promote collage production. Boil a couple of carrots and mash them along with some honey. Apply this mask on all the areas where you think the skin is wrinkling and leave it for an hour or so. Rinse off with lukewarm water. This tip essentially works for anti wrinkle treatment.

7. Water


– Drink lots of water daily to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Skin wrinkles because they become dry and helps to reduce wrinkles.

8. Pineapples

Pine Apples

– It is one of the largest sources of vitamin C and will keep your skin free from free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin. Eat pineapples daily to avoid skin wrinkling.

The remedies given above have been tried and tested by many for anti wrinkles treatment and you can also try them without any doubt in your mind.

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