Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair – Get Gorgeous Hair with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil- is miracle oil that can do wonders for skin and natural hair likewise. The benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair are literally making people- especially girls go crazy. Coconut oil is a very effective beauty elixir that has a wide range of usage beginning from a conditioner for hair to being a thermal protectant from the harsh sun and styling tools that use heat. Read on to find out its benefits and how to make the most out of it!

coconut oil for hair growth

So what is coconut oil and why has it been making youngsters go crazy? Coconut oil is basically oil that is extracted from the kernel of coconuts. It has high saturated fat content, which gives it the property of oxidizing very slowly- and when a product takes thetime to oxidize, it is very safe to put on the skin or hair since it gives the utmost protection from the irritants and pollutants of the environment. It also has a very high boiling point, so it won’t burst into flames on your head! When applied on hair, it prevents protein loss; thereby coconut oil is used for hair loss and naturally coconut oil is also used for hair growth too.

Coconut Oil benefits for Hair

  • Prevents Hair Fall: Coconut oil prevents the hair follicles from drying out, thereby protecting our scalp from hair loss. Also, the antioxidants that are found in coconut oil make it a suitable product to induce hair regrowth and decrease protein loss from the hair shafts and follicles. The best way to apply coconut oil to treat damaged hair is to warm it a little bit, and massage it into the scalp very gently.
  • Nourishing Hair Growth: The fatty acids and the nutrients found in coconut hair oil combine with the natural proteins found in our hair to give protection against breakage. The specific fatty acid, named Lauric acid in coconut oil gives it this property of preventing breakage thereby helping our hair grow stronger and longer. Putting a mask of coconut oil followed by a massage and then steaming the hair gives the best results. It prevents hair thinning and boost thickening of hair, making it strong.
  • The Best Conditioner: This magical oil helps in moisturizing the hair follicles, scalp and prevents them from drying out. This is the basic notion of conditioning the hair. After hair wash, one can apply coconut hair oil as a serum to boost the conditioning of your hair.
  • Style Accessory: Coconut oil has a very high boiling point and high in antioxidants. And most of the styling tools that we tend to use, work with heat. So we can use coconut hair oil as a heat protectant product. Also after styling, we can use coconut oil to set our style in place keeping all the flying baby hair away.
  • Fighting with Lice: The fats in the coconut oil literally suffocate and smother the lice, thereby killing them. It also makes the hair follicles and scalps slippery, making it hard for the lice to maintain a proper grip on the scalp and restricting their movement. Coconut oil hair treatment also protects the hair from further infestations by acting as an effective repellent.
  • Stopping Split Ends: Another one of the numerous benefits of using coconut oil is that it can cure split heads. Following right steps to cure the split ends using coconut hair oil benefits can save you the pain of cutting them off when they start getting too noticeable.
  • Moisture Preserver: Just as mentioned above. Conditioning hair using the coconut oil helps to preserve the moisture inside. Applying after washing the hair can effectively make the hair shinier, making them strong too.
  • Healthiest Oil Ever: Coconut oil is the best natural oil. There is no other oil that can equal with the benefits of coconut oil for hair. Out of all the other benefits, coconut oil also gives you the benefit of increased blood circulation. Proved as the best relaxing oil, there is no flaw in using this oil every other day.

Using Coconut Oil for Hair Growth Most Effectively

There are many ways in which you can apply coconut oil for gorgeous hair, but there are only few which are the most effective. One of the best ways of using coconut oil cleverly is applying it slowly on your hair when it is at the right temperature.

Method: 1

  • Simply take two bowls, one larger than the other.
  • Pour some coconut oil in the smaller bowl and place it inside the bigger bowl.
  • Now fill the bigger bowl with warm water in a way that the smaller bowl is partially submerged.
  • Wait for the oil to warm a bit and then gently massage the ends of your hair using the oil with your fingers.
  • Work your way slowly towards the scalp covering every inch. Make tangles with your using a comb or hair pick.
  • Wait till the hair soaks in the oil and then brush it like you usually, do.
  • There is no requirement of rinsing your hair or shampoo. Your split ends too will receive the necessary treatment and the scalp too.

Using this method at least twice a week will help your hair grow stronger and shinier.

You can also use the same method before bedtime. All you have to do is to follow the same procedure after washing your hair with a natural shampoo just before bedtime.

Method: 2

  • Take two bowls like mentioned above, filling one with hot water and placing the other submerged with oil inside it.
  • Wait for the oil to get warm and then apply the oil gently massaging with your fingers and working your way from end to scalp.
  • Then wrap a towel around your head and leave the oil overnight to experience best results.

Using this method once in two weeks is a very healthy way to nourish your hair right.

Benefits of coconut oil are not secret. People have been using coconut oil since generations and this knowledge has been passing down for a long time. The old and natural way now is the only way left to prevent your hair from the poisonous atmosphere that has been created today.

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