7 Myths About Laser Hair Treatment

It is an agony to visit the beauty salon every month. Women undergo immense pain to get the necessary hair removal done. It is not necessarily the women going through this, men too have resorted to hair removal to perfect the metrosexual look.

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Hair removal process is a torture we put ourselves through at regular time intervals. A permanent solution to this is a boon. Is there a good one though? Can we be saved from monthly appointments to the parlour? Yes! Laser hair treatment is your answer and saviour. We burst out the myths that have been doing the rounds about this full proof and safe hair removal treatment.

They Say It’s Expensive – But, It’s Not

The amount you spend on your parlour visits, yearly, will be equal to or comparatively lesser than the cost of laser treatment. Remember that this treatment is permanent and the money invested is once for all. Also, look out for discounts at places providing laser treatment for good package deals.

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Risky – Not at all.

Laser treatment is like going through a minor surgery. When necessary precautions are taken, it will be a smooth ride. Be cautious of the doctor you choose as that accounts for ninety percent of your treatment going right. Listen and follow the instructions given to be followed
before and after the treatment.

Unnatural – So is waxing.

Yes, of course! The whole idea of hair removal is unnatural. As civilized beings we have been doing this from time immemorial. Down the years with improvement in technology, new grooming techniques have been introduced and laser treatment is one such for the convenience of consumers.

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Side-effects – Nothing to worry about

Yes, there will be side-effects like slight sunburn, redness, and swelling. These can easily be dealt with cooling agents and moisturizers. Like the rash that occurs due to waxing and disappears after applying ice, the scars of laser hair treatment too will go.

Time-taking procedure – But once and for all

There will be a necessity for a certain number of sittings depending on the areas being treated. It will only be a matter of a couple of weeks. It will seem like nothing in the long run when compared to hours spent every month in the parlour and the time consumed commuting to it.

Difficult to access – Talk to our consultant.

Look around or ask someone. Researching about the procedure, talking to our consultants and taking your time to decide is the best way to get a treatment done. There are a lot of reviews and customer experiences available online too.

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Elaborate preparation – Requires no effort

The preparation is pretty simple. To get treatment ready, keep away from plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks before treatment. This is because these hair removing techniques remove the hair roots temporarily which the laser targets need to work on to remove permanently. So a certain gap is advised to maintain for the hair root to grow back.

Don’t believe what people say. Talk to our consultant today.

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