6 Times You Wished You Had Better Skin

Murphy’s law states that ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong.’ This law applies to all those situations where out of nowhere you see a zit on your forehead or wake up to acne on your skin.
We understand the importance of clear looking skin and how it affects on your mood. There are good skin days and bad skin days. But here are 6 situations that make bad skin days, worse:

Wedding Season
It’s the season of dressing up and looking great. When you have everything under control – from your attire to your jewellery and shoes but your skin acts up, you know it’s going to spoil your mood. Blame the oily, greasy food or hormonal changes, weddings require your skin to be at it’s best. Afterall, there are lots of eyes on you.

A group picture with everyone looking glamourous and your face looking dull is a nightmare in the digital age. With the number of pictures going up on Facebook and Instagram, it is disappointing when the focus is on your bruised skin. Even the filters on your selfies and snap stories won’t hide those spots and scars. Time to find a magic wand!

Nothing rejuvenates better than weekend getaways with family or road trips with friends. But when pimples pay you a surprise visit on these trips, you want to head back home and hide under the blanket. Nobody wants to look bad on a holiday.

Make Up
Whether you’re spending time at the cosmetics store or applying mascara in front of a mirror, when your skin is a mess, your makeup can look messy too. It takes a hard deal of makeup skills to hide those spots and to make things worse, the makeup is further going to affect your skin.

Dress, shoes, watch, hairstyle, what to say and what not to say – the preparation for your date is going great until Mr.Z pops up before Mr.Right. Don’t you hate it when you have to hide your face using a menu card on your date?

Interviews & Meetings
Women are ruling the world. Except, unlike men, they also have to look good, dress well and have flawless skin. Concealers are weapons that come to rescue when you have to appear for an interview or go for a client meeting.

With so many events and occasions happening in our lives, it is mandatory to look good, first for yourself and then for everyone else. Here are some solutions that we have to offer.

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