5 Lifestyle Changes To Keep Weight Gain Away

Weight gain is a recurring issue most of us have to deal with. Our modern living style can easily pave way to weight gain if not watched carefully and taken care of. Simple changes when followed with discipline and dedication can easily shun away the menace of unnecessary weight gain and leave you feeling light, active and healthy. Here are some you should implement, immediately.

Having Breakfast

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In a hurry to go to work, don’t miss the first meal of the day. Your body needs it to kickstart your day. Skipping it will only add to your weight loss woes. By having a healthy and nutritious meal you’re saving your body from binge eating and craving for unhealthy food in the later part of the day. Also, it boosts your energy and paves way to keep you up and about the whole day.

Small Meals

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Small quantities of nutritious meals taken every two or three hours is good for the body. It helps keep away from overeating. Having large time gaps between meals makes you crave for unnecessary foods and there is a tendency to lose control and consume more. Plan your day and meals in such a way that nutritious food is provided to your body just when it needs it. Carry a box of nuts to office every day.

As strange as it sounds, fasting once a week is a great idea. Giving your constantly working digestive system rest once a week is good. It works the same way a machine does when given some rest, it bounces back with renewed energy and works better. Drinking water is of great help during fasting and also aids in freshening the stomach and kidneys.

Early Dinner

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Having early dinner gives the digestive system ample time to digest the food before you go to sleep. Otherwise, it might lead to weak metabolism, constipation and insomnia. Plan your day in such a way that you eat at least two hours before you sleep. This also leads to a sound sleep which in turn helps you to get up early in the morning and exercise. A light and an early meal does a lot of good for the body while also leaving no scope for unnecessary body weight to creep in.

Raw food

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Fix one day in a week when you will take only fruits and raw vegetables or anything in natural form. Fruits and vegetables contain enough natural sugar to give your body what it needs. There are vegetables that are low on calories but full of vitamins and minerals like cabbage, cucumber, spinach etc that can be added to your raw food diet. You can also make small changes like having fresh fruits instead of exotic puddings for dessert. Including a bowl of fresh vegetables, fruits salad and fresh juices in your meals will help you cut down your intake of fatty foods.

Remember that eating, reducing and staying slim should be a pleasant affair and not purely a tug of war between you and your will power. .

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