5 Common Wrinkle Myths Debunked With Facts

wrinkle myths

Debunking Wrinkle Related Myths With Facts

Just as the light cannot exist without the darkness and vice versa, no myth can exist without the truths. Furthermore, in order to dispel any myth, you would need to use the truth. While there are many ways to treat wrinkles, you would not be able to easily do so without knowing how to discern the lies about them from the truths. In fact, you cannot combat those creases on your face without knowing what needs to be done about them.

Myths about Wrinkles

Wrinkle Myths are meant to be debunked and not proven! This is the fact of life. Here are some more that you can learn more about to help you remove them from your mind forever and experience true freedom!

  • Wrinkles are hereditary – Just because someone in your family has them doesn’t mean you will get them. In fact, this is the mother of all myths about wrinkles!
  • Exercising your face causes Wrinkles – Oh no! This is not true at all. There may be many face yoga programmes around the world but twisting your facial muscles is not going to give you those dreadful wrinkles.
  • Dry skin causes Wrinkles – No! Dry skin only dehydrates your skin. So, it makes those wrinkles even more clearly visible to people. It does not cause them. That is all!
  • Chemical based creams will destroy Wrinkles – This is one of those myths about wrinkles that are not at all true. On the contrary, chemical based creams will only enhance them and not reduce Besides, chemicals have always known to harm the skin. Have you ever heard anyone say “Chemtrails” are good for you? No, right? Then, how are chemicals supposed to destroy your wrinkles?
  • Facial massages enhance your Wrinkles –This is not the truth! When you get facial massages regularly, you will get a firmer face and tighter skin, which will aid you in reducing those wrinkles. Now, you can get complete freedom from them once you know how to tackle or treat them with help from a skin specialist.

Facts about Wrinkles

Without knowing the facts about wrinkles, you might end up living in a world full of illusory beliefs about wrinkle myths and it might be hard to find out what the reality is. Otherwise, it will almost be like living in another dimension or realm and not on this planet. Besides, you wouldn’t want to find yourself living a false life.

  • Wrinkles are treatable –A fountain of youth may not be for real but it can be found in the form of treatment programmes for wrinkles. In other words, wrinkles are treatable.
  • Botox is safe for treating Wrinkles –Many people are not aware that Botox is a scientifically proven method of helping treat wrinkles. In fact, you will be delighted to know that it has worked for several people around the world.
  • Wrinkles can happen to anyone and at any time –You do not have to become very old to get wrinkles, which is one of the top facts about wrinkles. Some people get it prematurely – even at the age of 30!
  • Use of collagen cream helps – If the lack of collagen is the problem, then using collagen cream is definitely helpful!
  • Pillow Wrinkles have a chance of permanency – Sometimes, the truth is bitter but you would need to face it. Pillow wrinkles can become permanent in case you do not change the way you sleep at night.

Interesting, isn’t it? Now that you know what the facts and myths are, you can decide what treatment option will be perfect for you. Besides, the truth will set you free!

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